Workshops 2021

Firearms Training – Women on the land

Saturday 11th of December, The Hay Gun Club and Hay Plains Landcare hosted a practical firearms workshop for women on the land.

This workshop was aimed to Empower women to use firearms safely for the humane destruction of pest animals and livestock.

Hay Plains Landcare are aiming to help raise the profile of women in farming, recognising that women are taking a much more active role in day-to-day farming activities.

sites. While many male landholders hold Firearms Licenses and are confident in the safe handling and storage of their guns, the same is often not the case for females. Yet it is often the female that encounters an animal in need of euthanizing.

10 Women successfully gained knowledge and experience in the safe handling and use of firearms, practicing on clay targets.

Thank you Hay Gun Club, we had a brilliant day

Soil Bootcamp with David Hardwick

The local branch of Landcare recently ran a soils workshop described as Soil Bootcamp in Hay for the benefit of any local landholders or people interested in soils. The session was run by David Hardwick of Soil Land Food and was sponsored by Jade Auldist from Murrumbidgee Landcare and Luke Harrington from Best Ag . Best Ag is focussed on sustainable farming outcomes for rural communities.

The two day workshop was a massive learning exercise for everyone involved, giving people a ground up education from the origin of soils and our local ones, right through to the analysing of soil tests to determine soil health and ultimately through to the potential remediation opportunities that exist for soil in our region. Fundamental to the workshop was the belief in balanced soils as a key way to underpin sustainable and profitable businesses.

Participants went through a range of education and practical exercises. Understanding the ability to classify you soil, being able to identify the different soil types on your property, their strengths and weaknesses, and what their long-term production potential is. Specifically, participants undertook practical exercise to assess soil texture, and fundamental component to understand your soil type. Similarly, exercises were done to analyse soil testing to determine both the soils total nutrient baseline capabilities and how to effectively read and analyse this information, in contrast to the traditional available nutrient soil tests that focus on simply the fuel in the soil, not the underlying capacity of the soil. Exercises were also covered in reference to fungi and bacteria tests where land holders and managers can measure their soil for these important indicators in the determination of your soils health.

Throughout the two-day workshop the constant theme was building your understanding of the most important asset that you have, your soil, through observation and measurement. Then ultimately through this understanding developing techniques, interventions and management strategies that can maximise your soils health and ultimately performance to drive sustainable profitability into your farming enterprise.

Mick Cattanach