Booligal Public School Native Garden

For the past 18 months, Murrumbidgee Landcare local coordinator Jade Auldist helped Booligal Public School develop a native garden and cultural learning space.

The project encouraged the students to use and care for the garden, and understand the importance of endemic native plants, weed control and water conservation. In the process, students have gained an understanding of how your actions can have a dramatic impact on preserving the environment, increasing natural habitats and ecosystems, and reducing the impacts of climate change.

Aboriginal people are known to have a strong relationship with the natural landscape. By employing Artist Kerri Weymouth and local Wiradjuri artist Emma Johnston to work with the students in the design and development stage of the cultural learning area and yarning circle, students have gained a strong cultural understanding of connection to country and become to understand how art and paintings represent dreaming’s and spiritual beliefs of Aboriginal people.

‘Junior Landcare Team – Runner Up’

The project has been possible by sourcing small amounts of funding through TransGrid, Junior Landcare, Petaurus education group and Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc.

Hay Public School Yarning Circle

Jade Auldist and Emma Johnston supported Hay Public School on the “cultural learning project” for their NAIDOC week celebrations.

Wiradjuri Artist Owen Lyons spent the week painting a yarning circle with the students. This project has increased awareness, appreciation, and connection to Aboriginal culture and helped establish crucial long-term community connections.

Connected by sitting around the yarning circle, students can come together to talk and share ideas as equals in a safe place without any judgment.

“The middle campsite represents Hay, while the other smaller campsites are the towns close by, such as Booligal and Maude. The goanna represents the Wiradjuri and Nari Nari people as this is their totem. The handprints mean touching and being one with the land.” – School student

This project has been possible thanks to sponsorship by Mawambul management group and funding through TransGrid and Hyways and Byways.

St Mary’s – Bush Tucker Garden

Today Jade Auldist assisted Cherokee Dixon and St Mary’s Parish school in the development of their Bush Tucker Garden for reconciliation week.

This project is funded by Junior Landcare

Rankin Springs – Bush Tucker Garden

On Friday 7th of May 2021, Murrumbidgee Landcare local coordinator Jade Auldist and Samantha Davies from Petaurus Education Group assisted Rankin Springs Public School in the development of their Native Bush Tucker Garden.

The Students had a wonderful time learning about Native Plants, seeds, seed propagation and how to plant and maintain a garden.

Big Thanks to Motormatics Hay for donating your Trailer, Troy Vearing from Rankin Springs for donating the garden rocks.

Hay Preschool Bush Tucker Garden

On Friday 19th March 2021, Hay Plains Landcare volunteers and Murrumbidgee Landcare local coordinator Jade Auldist assisted in the development of the Hay Preschool Bush Tucker Garden. Inspired by the story ‘Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake’, the school decided to design the garden bed in the shape of the Rainbow Snake.

Murrumbidgee Landcare sourced and donated the native plants: Creeping Saltbush, Ruby Saltbush, Thorny Saltbush, River Mint, Native Basil, Native Oregano, Davidsonia Johnsonii, Mityim Berries, Cinnamon Myrtle, Macadamia Tree, many more.

St Mary’s – Native Species

Murrumbidgee Landcare local coordinator Jade Auldist is supporting the school in the development of a Native Garden and a Bush Tucker Garden.

Today they covered

🌱 Australian Native Plants

🌱 Seed collecting and cleaning

🌱 Seed propagation

Thanks to Bill Auldist from LLS for facilitating.