Hay Plains Landcare

Protect the environment and care for the community

Encourage environmental outcomes and provide knowledge and expertise through educational workshops, on ground works and networking.

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A network of support to assist in the management of our natural resources sustainably in the context of a changing climate and the needs of a growing population.

Agricultural activities and educational workshops that range from sustainable cropping techniques and grazing to pest and weed control programs.

Bush regeneration and weed control to stabilising riverbanks, to creating walking tracks and working with protected and threatened species.
Landcare groups assist local communities to provide education and implement best practice measures to reduce the invasion of threatening species to agriculture.
Engage in methods of conservation to protect our environment, including activities that involve sustainable farming education and practices, restoring rivers, creating wildlife corridors and revegetating bushland.
Provide knowledge and expertise in native vegetation conservation and land management through practical implementation and educational workshops.

Landcare films

Picture of Emma working on the Booligal Public School Yarning circle, as part of their Native garden project

Hay Landcare Trainee

Hay Plains Landcare is excited to announce that Emma Johnston will be joining the Hay Landcare Team. While studying Conservation Ecosystem Management through TAFE, Emma will work as our Landcare School-based trainee. Emma is passionate about the environment, Aboriginal culture, and making a positive impact on our future. Emma has been a student representative at her school for the last 5 and has achieved sporting, arts, and many other awards during this time.
Along with working part-time at Kinfolk café, babysitting, playing, and coaching Netball, Emma also enjoys competing in athletics, volunteering in the community, and studying Visual Arts/design to continue her further understanding of Fine arts.

Jenny Dwyer

Hay Landcare Project Manager

Hay Plains Landcare is very please to announce that Jenny Dwyer has joined the Hay Landcare Team. She grew up on farms around Hay and although beginning her career in the health industry she has always had ties to the land, a strong community focus and an understanding of the importance of natural resource management.

Jenny is the Hay Plains Landcare Project Officer for the ‘Restoring native species and rehabilitating ecosystems in the Hay Shire’ Project.